Good Manners Drop-in Class

Good manners Drop-in Class

Instructed by Bill Grant, Ultimate Companion Dog Training


Do you really want to have a well trained dog, but just can’t find the time to commit on a regular basis? Can you make it to some of the classes but need to miss a few? No problem! With this new approach, you will be able to come to class on your terms, and follow your schedule. Instead of a traditional training class where you need to attend each lesson or fall behind, Good Manners training allows you to jump right in to any class and pick up wherever you left off, whether it was last week or last month! We believe that this new format will allow our customers to train their dogs without worrying about all of today’s daily pressures getting in the way.


This class begins with you attending one of our FREE orientations, typically held the first Friday of every month in Williston and the first Saturday of every month in Richmond. Once you have attended an orientation, you have the choice to register for a series of sessions: 6 weeks, 12 weeks or unlimited access for 6 months! Once registered, you and your dog are welcome to come to any session offered at either of our two locations, at any time! Each lesson builds on itself, so you will always find you and your dog are being challenged and learning new skills, with the convenience of not feeling overwhelmed if you should have to miss a week or two. You get to work at your own pace as you and your dog progress. This program is fun and challenging!

By the end of Good Manners training, your dog will know how to:

  • Greet friends and strangers appropriately
  • Learn to respond to his/her name EVERY TIME!
  • Focus Game – watch your human when distractions are present
  • Learn to walk on a loose leash
  • Learn to lie down in a relaxed manner
  • Learn to “Go to Bed,” or retreat to a comfy place
  • Coming When Called – ALWAYS
  • Sit and Wait/Stay
  • Leave it

A check in with students at the beginning of each class allows Bill to fine-tune the lesson to your precise needs.

Specific issues that you are concerned about that not mentioned above, can be discussed during each session.

Duration: 6 weeks

Rate: $150.00

Duration: 12weeks

Rate: $250.00

Duration: 6 Months

Rate: $425.00

Contact Bill today to register for this class!