Good Manners II

Instructed by Bill Grant, Ultimate Companion Dog Training

Do you feeling like you and your pooch have a good foundation, but are ready for a new challenge? High School is for you! Any graduate of Puppy Kindergarten or dogs that have developed a good base of many of the exercises taught in the Good Manners Drop in class are welcome. It’s all about taking what your dog already knows and bringing it to the next level.

What’s great about this class is that there is flexibility for the students to help shape the curriculum. If there are specific things you would like to improve upon, there is plenty of opportunity to do that.

Dogs taking this class may progress in the following ways:

  • walking on-leash to walking off-leash
  • waiting in a sit or down with distractions
  • performing a long down wait
  • Reliable recalls out of play or at the park
  • …and much more!

Fun games are included in the class as well as innovative exercises that will help your dog increase their attention, impulse control and focus.

Duration: 6 weeks

Rate: $175.00

Contact Bill today to register for this class!