Meet Our Trainer

Bill Grant

Bill Grant has spent much of his life helping dog owners develop positive, loving relationships with their canine companions. He began his career in dog training at Canine Consulting, a nationally recognized dog training center in Massachusetts, where he trained for ten years, until relocating to Vermont in 2002. Bill then founded his own canine training company, Ultimate Companions in southern Vermont.

Bill attributes much of his training success to what his own dogs teach him and to Jake, his very first dog, who led him to start teaching others about the wonders of life with their companions.

Bill has been involved in Canine Therapy Work and has a number of training articles published. He has consulted with a variety of local and national rescue associations, is a member of the Akita Club of America, Inc. and an active participant in the Canine Good Citizen program.

Bill uses his expertise to train PEOPLE to train their dogs in ways that encourage a partnership that lasts for life. He uses lots of positive reinforcement and helps students explore how dogs think and thus unlocks the possibilities for effective communication and learning. He believes that many of today’s training issues are a result of “miscommunications” between human and dog. As these lines of communication are opened in a series of easy steps, many unwanted issues cease to exist.

Bill focuses on teaching patience and consistency, which creates an environment that allows dogs to flourish and become welcome additions to any household. Socialization and good manners are stressed as he believes that having a good dog means – having a dog that is welcome everywhere- a companion that people WANT to be around!

Bill offers upbeat, dynamic, and fun canine training for dogs and entire families.

In addition to teaching classes, Bill also offers private consulting for dogs who may not be suitable for class or have specific behavioral issues that need to be addressed individually. Bill also consults with clients about overall holistic health, proper exercise, and good nutrition.

Bill has been offering group training classes at The Crate Escape since the summer of 2009 and is also offering individual training sessions with dogs that attend daycare on Fridays by appointment. 

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