Canine Enrichment Program

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ALL-OUT-DOG! Canine Enrichment Program
While Regular Group Play focuses on physical exercise in a group setting, this new program provides both a physical and mental workout for your dog. Imagine a day filled with a variety of fun-filled activities you enjoy- perhaps going out to breakfast then taking a long invigorating hike followed by dinner and a show. Dogs enrolled in this program do just that! They spend the day rotating through a slew of fun filled games that are custom tailored specifically for them by our Enrichment Specialists. We take the time to really get to know YOUR dog and his or her likes and dislikes and create a plan of physical and mental stimulation specially for them. They still get to play with other dogs in small groups, if they are able, but also take part in other fun games and focus work activities such as single or group ball play, agility, learning new tricks, fitness work, scent work, long walks, etc. Not only does your dog get to spend time with friends but they also get to LEARN, ENGAGE, REST, and RECHARGE. This program is high touch, focused, customized, and invigorating. This is our VIP level program and space is extremely limited. To secure your spot in our very tailored program, sign-up for a membership today! This will guarantee your spot for the days you reserve barring those falling during our seasonal holiday weeks when we will only offer Regular Group Play to a small number of participants. ALL-OUT-DOG! Canine Enrichment Program Requirements:
  • Dogs enrolled in this program are required to attend a minimum of 1 day per week except for holiday weeks and school vacations when only Regular Group Play may be available.
  • VIP Membership is required to enroll in ALL-OUT-DOG! Canine Enrichment program:
This membership also includes the following benefits:
  • AOD profile on website for the dog
  • Priority lodging
  • Free Vet Care Warranty for lodging stays and daycare
  • Annual membership fee is reduced by the amount of the trial day when dogs enroll within 15 days of their trial day.
ALL-OUT-DOG! Canine Enrichment Program $47.50/day
VIP MEMBERSHIP $199.00 per year
  • Reservations are required.
  • You MUST cancel by NOON of the day prior or you will be charged the full charge for that day. You will be able to reschedule for another day that week only if we have the space available. If space is unavailable to reschedule, owners will still be charged for that day.
  • This program is only offered Monday through Friday.
  • Space is extremely limited.
  • Owners should bring their own treats if their dog has allergies.
  • Half Day rates are not available.
  ALL-OUT-DOG! SAMPLE SCHEDULE  7:00am – 9:30am: Social Play/Interactive toy– Dogs arrive and will be placed in small play groups or in their own area with a treat-stuffed toy until morning activities begin. 9:30am – 11:30am: High Energy Games– Dogs play in carefully selected groups or individually with a variety of fun toys along with our Enrichment Specialists. 11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch/Rest– Dogs that come with lunches are fed then have a rest to digest their food.  Others relax with buddies in calm groups or individually with a snuffle mat. 12:30pm – 2:30pm: Exploration Activities– Scent work, trick work, and puzzles allow the dogs to use their problem-solving skills. 2:30pm – 3:30pm: Buddy Break– Chill time with friends or individually. 3:30pm – 5:30pm: Focus Work-Pups complete the day with agility, balance, and wellness work. How does this program differ from Regular Group Play?  Rather than just playing all day with the other dogs, dogs in this program follow a daily schedule that alternates between small group play with other dogs AND participating in fun activities that they enjoy with our Canine Enrichment Specialists. Activities include such things as agility, chasing balls, running, tug games, Fit Paws, and scent work to name a few.  This type of play is not usually a safe option in large groups. Groups of dogs are alternated throughout the day, so each group gets individualized attention and activity when they are out and quality rest when they are not.  They receive a well-rounded day of physical activity as well as mental stimulation with a ton of attention and opportunities to learn new things with our staff. What are the benefits to this program? Through participation in this program, your dog will enjoy a higher quality of play, quality rest time which dogs need to be emotionally healthy, and a higher quality of personal interaction with our team allowing our staff to get to know each dog in a deeper way. How much time is my dog resting? How much time does each dog spend on each activity? Nap times occur at 11:30a-12:30a and again at 2:30p-3:30p. Each dog spends 20-30 minutes on each activity and rests with a puzzle toy or snuffle mat when others are enjoying the activities, or they spend quality chill time with a couple of buddies.  We think this down time is vital to healthy dogs and helps them to get used to learning how to relax when needed. Will my dog be tired when they come home? Absolutely!  Your dog will go home tired but not exhausted from over-activity. What types of activities do you offer? Activities include such things as agility, chasing balls, running, tug games, Fit Paws, and scent work to name a few. We are constantly adding new games and enrichment exercises in order to keep things exciting for the dogs. How do you determine the activities my dog likes? After enrolling in our program, the first day of ALL-OUT-DOG! is called Discovery Day.  On this day, an evaluation is conducted by our Enrichment Specialist to determine the types of activities that your dog enjoys by exposing him or her to a variety of toys and short games. The information obtained from their Discovery Day will assist us in creating a plan that will be the most engaging and exciting for your dog. What if my dog does not like any of the activities that you offer?  With the number of options we have available to us, we can assure you that we will find activities that your dog enjoys and benefits from. Does my dog get to participate in ALL-OUT-DOG! when they are lodging with you?  Yes, your dog will be able to participate in ALL-OUT-DOG! while lodging with us if his or her lodging is not during one of our seasonal periods in which we may only offer Regular Group Play. There is a small additional fee of $5.00 per day added on to his or her lodging bill when choosing this option. Regular Group Play is always available when lodging at no additional cost. What happens during holiday weeks and school vacations? During these periods, we may not be able to offer ALL-OUT-DOG! (Please refer to our General Information PDF for specific dates.) However, we will offer Regular Group Play as usual. Why do you charge me if I do not bring my dog in on his/her scheduled day? We charge whether you come or not because space is extremely limited in this program and it requires a great deal of careful planning and organization to prepare for each day’s schedule. Are there any discounts? We do not offer any discounts for this program due to the cost of additional equipment as well as the high level of training and preparation required for us to operate this program, however, there are many to perks to membership. Does my membership fee get refunded if I decide not to bring my dog anymore? VIP Membership fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and must be renewed annually. My dog does not get along with other dogs, what will he or she do during group play? Your dog will be resting with a puzzle toy, snuffle mat, Kong, or other interactive toy while he or she is awaiting his or her turn to do the activities.