Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare


Doggie daycare at The Crate Escape is something all the dogs are barking about! Participation in our canine daycare program offers dogs the opportunity to express their natural behaviors in a physically and psychologically healthy atmosphere. Old or young, large, or small, we care for them all!

Dogs are individuals with their own unique character traits and wellness requirements. Our approach to dog care is not one size fits all.  We realize that dogs, like people, have their own needs, likes, and dislikes.  As dogs grow older the care they require also may change.

At The Crate Escape we try our best to learn as much as we can about each dog and create a care plan that caters to the individual. Your dog’s unique personality traits and well-being requirements are factors that we consider, giving each dog in our care the best experience possible.

While some facilities take an unlimited number of dogs, we do not!  Safety is one of our top priorities. Our service is highly personalized, and we make sure to limit our numbers so that each dog gets the attention they deserve. Smaller groupings also allow dogs that are timid and less confident the opportunity to gain confidence and flourish in a group setting. We have options for dogs of all ages, play styles, and sociability levels.

Dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs are carefully grouped with suitable playmates using our team’s knowledge of dog body language to ensure mutual well-balanced play.  These groups are gradually formed based on size, activity levels and personalities so that everyone has a fun-filled play day. We use positive reinforcement-based methods! No forceful interactions. 

For dogs who cannot stay at home all day, and may not do well in an interactive playgroup, we offer Day Boarding where he or she: 

  • Lounges in a private room
  • Has individual potty outings several times during the day
  • Has meals, snacks, medication, or whatever else you require for your dog’s comfort
  • Owners can also choose any of our fun one-on-one special services to provide enrichment and individual attention throughout the day.

ALL-OUT-DOG! Canine Enrichment Program

Our new and unique model of daycare is offered on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Learn More 

Regular Play Daycare and Day Boarding Rates 

One dog:  $30.95

Two dogs: $54.95

Single Intact Male over 6 months: $35.95

Regular Play Daycare and Day Boarding Rates 

One dog:  $30.95

Two dogs: $54.95

Single Intact Male over 6 months: $35.95

Daycare with Training

Does your pup just need a little bit of “fine tuning” with the basics?  Any time you drop your dog off for boarding or daycare, you have the option of adding Fridays On-the-Fly! Training sessions to your visit.  You can request 1 or multiple 15-minute blocks to work on whatever skills you would like your dog to improve upon.  Better leash manners?  A more reliable sit/stay?  We’ve got you covered.  At departure you receive a report card informing you of what was worked on along with some tips on how you can follow through at home to continue to improve.

Is your dog one of The Crate Escape regulars?  If so, we have a package plan that offers a more in-depth custom program for you.  Our In-House Training Package consists of 10 15-minute training sessions spread out over several weeks, as well as a follow-up transfer visit.  When choosing this option, you either fill out a detailed questionnaire or schedule a personal phone or Zoom consultation with our trainer.  This will allow our trainer to get to know your needs and goals in more detail. You will receive weekly progress updates along with handouts that explain some of the methods used in working with your dog.  As the sessions come to a close, our trainer will schedule a time for you and he to get together at The Crate Escape and review your dog’s progress and teach you what you need to keep up with the training at home.

On-the-Fly Training

Each training session is 15 minutes long.  The cost is in addition to the daycare or lodging price per day.  Owner receives a report card at departure time.

1 session/day                     $15

2 sessions/day                   $30

3 sessions/day                   $45

4 sessions/day                   $60

Training Package

This package is spread out over several Fridays of daycare based on how many sessions you would like per day.  It includes your choice of an initial 30-minute virtual consult with our trainer, Bill Grant, or the completion of a detailed questionnaire prior to the first session as well as a transfer session at the completion of training.

10 training sessions           $250


Weekday Daycare Drop-Off hours: 6:30am -10:30am

Weekday Daycare Pick-Up hours:  3:00pm-6:00pm


A General Outline of What Your Dog’s Day Will Look Like:

  • First thing upon arrival: potty outing
  • Placement in a daycare room to settle and receive health evaluation
  • Groups are formed and play begins
  • Group potty outings
  • Special one- on-one activities/grooming if scheduled
  • Play resumes
  • Lunch then naptime
  • Potty outing
  • Small group play
  • Buddy Rest
  • Pick-up 


Rabies, Distemper, and fecal negative within 1 year

If you are a current client and wish to book a new Daycare reservation: