Special Services

Special Services

Make your dog’s stay extra special with personalized services designed to pamper your pup and make them feel right at home! Special Services are available and recommended to add on to any or all of the days your dog spends with us to ensure they get that special “at-home” attention to spoil them while you are away..

These services are also highly recommended to those dogs that have special behavioral considerations such as separation anxiety, high energy or social anxieties.

Available Add-On Services:

Send them on an adventure along our beautiful wooded path on a 20-minute on-leash walk.

Wild Thang
Release the hunter within with a 20-minute session of flirt pole work.

Retriever Heaven
Tire them out with a 20-minute session of fetch in one of our fenced in yards.

Cuddle Me
Ease their tension with a 15-minute snuggle-session at any time of the day.

Puzzle Time
Stimulate their minds with a 15-minute treat driven puzzle or treat hide and seek.

Bed-time Snack
Say goodnight with a delicious treat of your choosing: Marrow Bones, Kong with Peanut Butter.

Bed-time Story
Tuck them in with a soothing bed time story and a kiss goodnight.